Online Meetings

Due to Covid-19, Silver Lake Study Group wanted to make you aware of our Online meeting options while we’re practicing Social Distancing. There are Seattle area online meetings as well as nationally and internationally (go to

You will need to go to the “Zoom” App in your mobile phone to get into a Zoom meeting:

Silver Lake Study Group Zoom Meetings


Tuesday 7pm – 12 and 12 Step Study- HOST/COHOST: Patrick and Jen T.
MTG ZOOM link:
MTG Id: 672 989 744

Wednesday 7pm – Women’s daily reflections– HOST/COHOST: Leah and Heather R
MTG ZOOM link:
MTG Id: 111 932 406

Thursday 7pm – Rebellion Dogs – HOST/COHOST: Dick VT and Jim
MTG ZOOM link:
MTG Id: 407 558 449

Friday 7pm – Topic Discussion/Last Friday speaker mtg – HOST/COHOST: Jen T./ Lisa & Bruce
MTG ZOOM link:
MTG Id: 430 766 578

Saturday 7am – More will be revealed– HOST/COHOST: Len and Richard
MTG ZOOM link:
MTG Id: 453 088 698

Sunday 6pm Newcomers mtg – HOST/COHOST: Marshall and Bruce S
MTG ZOOM link:
MTG Id: 222 430 398

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