Silver Lake Study Group History

This group originated as the North Bothell Study Group in September 1981 and was then renamed in 1983. The group as meeting on Mondays for the Big Book study, and on Fridays for the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions study up to 1993. Their growth led to a move to the Advent Lutheran Church on 132nd St.

However, the Lutheran church could only accommodate them on Mondays and Tuesdays; Fridays were not available. So the Twelve Step and Twelve Traditions night moved to Tuesday.

Some of the group decided to stay at the St. Francis church, and started the Mill Creek discussion meetings.

To continue Friday meetings they started a podium meeting at the Grange on Seattle Sill Road. Meetings started with someone speaking for 20 minutes followed by a discussion meeting. The last Friday featured one or two speakers for the entire meeting. After about one year, they moved to the Hope Luthern Church for the Friday meetings.

During most of the 90’s a large part of the supported the Beginner and Newcomers meeting at Providence Hospital and consequently, a large part of their newcomers came from that meeting. The group also supported the in-patient meetings at Providence.

Silver Lake Study Group was heavily involved in service work, in the 90’s both in the 19th District, the jail and reformatory meetings and on the Everett Conference Committee.

The Advent Lutheran Church moved in 2001 and the had to move to the Mountain View Community Church further east on Seattle Hill Rd.

From “Our Stories Disclose…” Second Edition pg 231-232. Copyright 2004 by Western Washington Area of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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